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Estimate 8

Method Of Individual Work Estimate
General item of work required for Building Estimate

(unit in Sqm)
The Mold arrangement of wood or metal plate to hold fresh concrete to attain its shape is called Formwork.-
3 Types-
1. Shuttering (Vertical Surface)
2. Centering (Horizontal Surface)
3. Staging (Wooden Ballies, Props or Support)

Formwork used for Residential Building is Wooden or Steel,
In the case of typical Multistore Building Project used MIVAN

Some Important Equation:

  • Ballies Height Approximately 3m and 100mm Dia 
  • The spacing of props not more than 1m C/C
  • Centering upto a span of 4.5m removed after 7 days And Over 4.5m removed after 14 days

During Construction Work: 
  • Props should rest on flat Surface base (Used Brick in case of Wooden Ballies)
  • Used Oil to easy Deshuttering 
  • The surface of fromwork should clean before placing concrete.
  • The gapes between centering and shuttering is sealed by mastic tape to prevent leakage of the slurry. Fromworks should leakage proof.


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