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Method Of Individual Work Estimate
General item of work required for Building Estimate

(unit in MT or Kg)
A Steel Tor bar which provides tensile strength in RCC work
Different dia of Tor Bar-
Image result for different dia of reinforcement bar

The Bar is available in different dia and standard length of 12m
12 mm Dia for Hanger Bar
Generally Fe 500 TMT bar used in Construction 

Some Important Equation:

  • Unit Weight of Steel = 7850 Kg/m3
  • The weight (Kg) of 1m bar = (d^2)/162
  • Slab = 80 Kg/m3
  • Beam = 110 Kg/m3
  • Column = 160 Kg/m3
  • Footing Slab = 80 Kg/m3
  • Generally Take Bar Volumn is 1.25% of Total Volumn of RCC work

During Construction Work: 
  • Steel bar free from oil and Rust(But Littel Rusting is not harmfull)
  • The bar should not develop crack of the bend portion
  • Check ISI logo and Grade should more than 450
  • Never stack the steel rod in direct contact of the ground



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