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Building Estimation Page 5

Method Of Individual Work Estimate
General item of work required for Building Estimate

Brick flat Soling
(unit in sqm)
A layer of brick with lean concrete below the PCC and above the earth in Known as SBFS.
According to the arrangement of Bricks in SBFS.
Mainly, 3 Type is-

In the old generation of construction used lime concrete which Required Ramming.
But in the new generation of construction use cement concrete which dose not required ramming.

Some Important Equation:

  • 1m2 SBFS = 45 Nos Brick 0.30 m3 Lean Concrete  

During Construction Work: 
  • Before laying the bricks, the area shall be cleaned properly, Water Soacking of bricks shall be done properly(not less than six hours before the work execution), Bricks shall be kept wetted till the work execution.


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