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Building Estimate page 6

Method Of Individual Work Estimate
General item of work required for Building Estimate

Plain Cement Concrete
(unit in cum)
PCC is the first concrete work of any construction. 
A layer of concrete (Cement:sand:Agg:water) above the SBFS is Known as PCC.

Mainly, Following Grade are mainly used-

  1. M10, (1:3:6) Generally Used
  2. M15, (1:2:4)
  3. M20, (1:1.5:3)

Some Important Equation:

  • Thickness PCC Layer = 100 to 150mm
  • Aggregate size = 40mm 

During Construction Work: 
  • Spread concrete using Fanti.
  • Compact using Rammer.
  • If there are any surface void later fill it using cement mortar.


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