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Bar Bending Schedule

BBS (Bar Bending Schedule )

Method of Calculate No of bars with required specification design and its weight is called bar bending schedule.

Reinforcement Bar:
Steel Bar used as reinforcement in RCC structure called reinforcement bar.

Value of Dia < 6mm, Called Wire
Value of Dia >= 6mm, Called Bar

Grade < Fe-450, Called, MS TOR BAR
Grade >= Fe-450, Called, HYSD TOR BAR

Grade of Bar:
Generally, Fe 450 used as a reinforcement Bar.
450 Means Strength 450N/mm2 
To increase strength, Carbon content should increase 
Note: In field always used above Fe-450

Clear Cover:
Clear Cover is a distance which made by concrete and it resists the reinforce from the weathering action such as moisture, snow etc.

Following of clear cover is used in RCC -
For, Slab =20mm
Beam = 30 mm
Column = 40 mm
Foundation & Footing = 50 mm
Lintel = 25 mm
Pile Foundation = 50 mm
Man Hole = 50 mm
All Water Tank and Reservoir wall if If not Given then assumed 200mm


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